Psychotherapist in Melbourne

Julian P. O’Sullivan psychologist provides individual psychotherapy in Melbourne. His experience in mental health, counselling and therapy spans 16 years. He specialises in helping those over the age of 16 to overcome various forms of psychological distress using talk therapy.

Services provided by Melbourne psychotherapist Julian O’Sullivan

Julian’s approach to psychotherapy integrates cognitive behavioural and psychodynamic methods. He seeks to adapt his method to the uniqueness of each individual and their circumstances. He is empathic, non-judgemental, and supportive. He is committed to protecting his patients’ privacy and confidentiality, so they can safely explore what is troubling them.

What can I expect during therapy?

Julian’s therapy is guided by goals, which he assists patient’s to develop and reevaluate as therapy progresses. In therapy, patient’s are asked to speak about what’s on their mind. Julian’s responses vary depending on the individual and their circumstances. Typical comments, however, are aimed at providing emotional support, helping the patient better understand themselves, others, or what underlies their difficulties. Sometimes, Julian helps patients develop problem solving strategies to work through complex situations. Other comments include those directed at helping the person better understand and ultimately liberate themselves of thought processes, relationship or behavioural patterns maintaining their psychological distress. Julian seeks to help patients develop capacities to solve their psychological problems independently.

What are Julian’s fees and do I need a referral?

A referral from a medical doctor is required to access Medicare rebates for counselling and psychotherapy provided by a psychologist in Melbourne. Referrers of patients using third party sources of funding (e.g. Medicare, NDIS, TAC) are provided with progress reports at intervals set by the respective funding body.

Where are sessions held?

In person appointments are now available at Julian’s psychology clinic in Melbourne. There is currently no waitlist.