Psychotherapist in Melbourne

Julian O’Sullivan is a psychologist and psychotherapist in Melbourne. He provides individual therapy to adults experiencing mental ill-health, and various psychosocial difficulties. These include, amongst others problems with relationships, career (including education and training), finances, managing day to day life, existential, cultural and identity based concerns.

Julian takes a primarily supportive approach to make clients feel safe to open up. Within this context, he is prepared to discuss issues he observes, which could be challenging to confront. He tailors each therapy to the individual and their situation.

Location of Julian O’Sullivan psychotherapist in Melbourne

Julian provides psychotherapist services in Melbourne at 616/434 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne. There is currently no waitlist.

psychotherapist in Melbourne

There are various trams stopping out the front of Julian’s office. Indeed, St Kilda Rd is Melbourne’s busiest tram route, with most trams from the south and eastern parts of Melbourne passing through. There are a multitude of routes arriving from the CBD. Nearby train stations include Prahran, South Yarra and Windsor. This location will soon be facilitated by Anzac train station, located near the Shrine of Remembrance. Currently under construction, Anzac will open in about 2025!

Julian is committed to providing a safe environment for psychotherapy. Julian’s office is set in private and quiet building on St Kilda Rd. There is no reception or admin staff, so you can be assured the utmost care has been taken to protect your privacy.

Does Julian offer telehealth?

As well as providing psychotherapist services in Melbourne, Julian offers online and telehealth therapy as well. This is useful for people needing to isolate for covid-19. Originally developed during covid, Julian has continued this service, since it  enables some people to access therapy who are unable to in person. This has been particularly useful for those in rural and remote areas who cannot access a psychologist in Melbourne.

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